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Metafoor Vastgoed


Metafoor Real Estate is a leading consultancy specialized in real estate and land affairs for (semi)governmental organizations. With over 300 independent professionals (freelancers) and more than 50 advisors, we have built a broad network of expertise.

An advisory firm where its employees and team spirit come first, that’s not something you hear often. We invest time in our people because without them, we are nothing. We aim for long-term relationships with our employees. From the moment you join us, you become part of our close-knit team of real estate professionals. If necessary or desired, we provide internal training or support you in pursuing external education to help you achieve your goals and realize our collective ambition.

Our advisors are proactive, eager to collaborate with colleagues, and committed to both our clients and Metafoor Real Estate. You’re never alone with your clients. As a team, we support each other through all possible channels. So, you have a support system of about 40 lawyers and real estate advisors who assist you as needed. Our advisors work from our headquarters in Dronten once a week, and we also come together with the team at least once a month to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and simply catch up. We are open to feedback from others and to change. By listening to each other and embracing the diversity in our tasks, we thrive best as Team Metafoor Real Estate. Our advisors are honest and reliable, work transparently, and are not afraid to hold each other accountable. We feel collectively responsible for the services we provide and fully commit ourselves to them.

We are a consultancy firm, so you mainly work for your own clients in your own region. That’s why we invest a lot of time and energy in Team Metafoor Real Estate. In addition to working for your clients, there is also time and space to contribute to the growth of Metafoor Real Estate as a company and to yourself.

Working for multiple (semi)governmental organizations simultaneously and being part of a strong team of real estate professionals. Together with the close-knit Team Metafoor Real Estate, we strive for quality and assist our clients further in the field of real estate and land affairs. It’s challenging and varied work, where maintaining a work-life balance is highly valued. Your happiness equals our happiness.

Curious about the atmosphere at Metafoor Real Estate? Check out our careers website and our Instagram page!

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