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After Exam Drinks

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We can once again look forward to the first after-exam beer! After a block of hard studying, November 10 is the time for the after-exam drink. On this evening the 7th board of the RECG will also be announced. So make sure you’re there!

– Registration is not necessary for this event –

Twitter feed is not available at the moment.

Twitter feed is not available at the moment.

About the Real Estate Club Groningen

The Real Estate Club Groningen was founded in 2016 and aims to bridge the gap between academic students, alumni and companies in the real estate world. We organize activities for students throughout the year, such as in-house days, pub lectures and lectures.

Contact information

Real Estate Club Groningen
Postbus 800
9700 AV Groningen
KvK nummer: 65359755
Subject: Foundation Real Estate Club

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