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Inhouse tour | Fakton

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The RECG organizes together with Fakton an inhouse day at the office in Rotterdam! This event will be the 24th of November, from 10:00 to 18:00.
Fakton is an organization that for 40 years now focuses on financial, strategic and development issues in real estate. Fakton’s mission is to contribute to creating a resilient urban environment and vital real estate companies. They do this together with Fakton Consultancy, Fakton Valuation, Fakton Energy, Fakton Executives and Fakton Development.
Curious about Fakton? Join the inhouse day in Rotterdam and find out more about Fakton while you visit the Casanova project and make a business case about development.
Sign up now through this link or via as there are only 15 spots available!

*NOTE for Internationals: This event will be in Dutch, fluent knowledge of the Dutch language is required.

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