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Peter-Jan Reinder chairman Real Estate Club Groningen

Peter-Jan Reinders


Hello fellow student, sponsor, partner or other interested parties in the RECG! My name is Peter-Jan Reinders and I hold the position of Chairman within RECG this year. I grew up around Utrecht and then traveled to the High North, or Groningen. In recent years I have been able to successfully follow and complete the bachelor Human Geography & Urban & Rural Planning. I have the ambition to work in the real estate world and am interested in project development. As a result, the Master’s in Real Estate Studies, one of the best real estate courses in the Netherlands, was an optimal choice that connected seamlessly with the Bachelor. Thomas Schram has presided over the chair and has given me the honor to succeed him. After having served on previous boards and committees at, among others, the G.S.R.C. I wanted to expand my knowledge within the real estate world. The RECG foundation is the ideal place for this because of the contact with the professionals and the orientation on career reform. This aroused my enthusiasm and after the summer I immediately applied for interest in the board. This year is all about the Lustrum of the RECG and that brings great challenges. With full confidence in my motivated and knowledgeable board members, this will be a spectacular year for me, you and all our relations. Long live the Real Estate Club Groningen!

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