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Sign up for the 9th board of the RECG!

Sun New Board 2023

🏡 Join the 9th Board of the Real Estate Club Groningen, signing up is possible through the following link 🏡

Are you passionate about the dynamic world of real estate? Do you have a vision for shaping the future of the industry? If so, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey with us by signing up for the 9th Board of the Real Estate Club Groningen (RECG). As a member of the RECG Board, you will dedicate approximately 8 hours per week to the club, channeling your skills and enthusiasm into one of the following roles:

👔 Chairman: The chairman is responsible for the adequate management of the RECG. Effective collaboration within  the board is central to this leadership, whereby everyone performs their duties properly. In addition,  the chairman maintains external contacts and is the point of contact for the Advisory Board and the  Supervisory Board.

📝 Secretary: The Secretary & Student Relations position’s objective is to streamline communication to and from  the foundation, as well as to link students to the foundation. The Secretary & Student Relations role  is responsible for providing administrative assistance to the RECG.

💰 Treasurer: The purpose of the treasurer is to guarantee the financial continuity of the RECG. The treasurer  oversees the foundation’s income and expenses and ensures standardization in the budget. It is the  task of the treasurer to guarantee the financial continuity of the Real Estate Club. The foundation’s  liquidity is central: the foundation will have to meet its obligations at all times.

🤝 Company Relations: Company Relations is in charge of maintaining and expanding the RECG’s sponsorship base. Because  of the RECG’s diverse membership, it’s critical that the sponsor file reflect the various real estate  disciplines. Private corporations such as consultants, investors, developers, industry associations, and  government agencies are among the disciplines to consider. The position’s goal is to connect the real estate industry with students. This requires involving and  retaining interesting organizations so that our students can potentially meet their future employer.

🏢 Marketing: Since the foundation was established in 2016, it is essential for the RECG to continue to work on its  brand awareness. Logically, a large part of the work for the board member who holds the Marketing  position will be devoted to this general goal. Brand awareness has a twofold character: on the one  hand, brand awareness among students must be improved, on the other hand, it must be ensured  that companies are well acquainted with the RECG.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of an incredible team, expand your horizons, and leave your mark on the real estate community. Join us in shaping the future of real estate in Groningen and beyond!

Ready to take the next step? Meld je nu aan! (Sign up now!)

📅 Deadline: Sign up by October 14th!

The deadline is approaching fast so seize this opportunity now, for further inquiries please contact one of the current board members, via e-mail we can contacted at [email protected]. Together, let’s guide the Real Estate Club Groningen to another successful year with new ! 🌟

🏡 Join the 9th Board of the Real Estate Club Groningen, signing up is possible through the following link 🏡



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