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Brink inhouseday

Brink Inhousedag

This event will be in Dutch / dit evenement zal in het Nederlands zijn

On April 17th, we will be visiting the new office of our main sponsor, BRINK. During this interesting inhouseday we’ll have an interactive, afternoon filling program at BRINK’s new office. The aim of the day is to get to know our main sponsor better, gain insights in the themes which are currently ongoing in the real estate world and to, ofcourse, see their beautiful new office!

When you step inside Brink, you step into the center of construction, infrastructure, and real estate. As a management, advisory, and software company, we have a view of everything that’s happening in the built environment from that heart. We have visibility into all fields of expertise, into what is happening with our clients and in our markets, as well as insight into today’s, tomorrow’s, and the day after’s developments. Together, we work passionately day in and day out, directly or indirectly, on socially relevant assignments and projects.

The board and BRINK wish you a very warm welcome, so sign up now through this link join us on for the BRINK inhouseday on monday the 17th of April!

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Geef je op voor het evenement!