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Former board and YTE event

Sun Obd 27 Mei

Dear former RECG board member and/or former YTE committee member,

As a token of appreciation for your efforts, we warmly welcome you to the old board and YTE event on Saturday, May 27. On this day, we will gather in Amsterdam to, among other things, reminisce and have a fun day! The program is as follows:

On this sunny Saturday afternoon, the boat will depart from IJdock 2a in Amsterdam. Gathering will begin at 2:30 PM, and at 3:00 PM we will start the boat trip. During this trip, you can enjoy the beautiful view over the water and relax with some food and drinks.

Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to have dinner, followed by drinks. The contribution for the dinner will be €27.50. Specific details will follow via WhatsApp.

If you have any further questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to ask them in the designated WhatsApp group conversations or contact the current board of the RECG via

You can sign up using the following link

Best regards,

The eighth board of the RECG

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Geef je op voor het evenement!