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Pub Lecture | abcnova

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On May 11th the RECG is organizing a pub lecture at the Forum in Groningen in collaboration with abc nova. This pub lecture will consist of a tour of the Forum, a presentation from one of the employees who has worked on the Forum for 7 years and we will of course conclude with some drinks. Don’t want to miss this? Register right away via this link!

Curious about abcnova? Read more about who they are below!

Every day, our Advisers and Project Managers consult our clients for the purpose of creating future-proof solutions for housing, working, educational and living environments in the Netherlands. We want our clients to be energised by the process of realising property projects, regardless of whether they are commercial or social in nature. We do this by translating ambitions into financially and socially feasible solutions.

We provide a firm grip on processes and projects, which in turn leads to concrete, fantastic result. We work hand in hand with our clients, and we do not hold back guiding advice. This is how we convincingly contribute to a sustainable future for urban areas.

Working with us means being in full control. We are the best partner you can find, and we are easily approachable. What we are is a team of normal people, but with a talent. Every day, our advisers and project managers work to achieve the best possible results.

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