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Luuk Geerligs


My name is Luuk Geerligs and I have the honor of holding the position of Marketing within the RECG this year. I grew up in Alphen aan den Rijn and then traveled, with a stop in Utrecht, to the North of the Netherlands, or Groningen. In recent years, I was able to successfully complete my bachelor’s degree in Social Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Utrecht. I have the ambition to work in the real estate industry and have an interest in property development. This led me to pursue a master’s degree in Real Estate Studies.

Femke Lutse preceded me in the Marketing position and has handed over the baton to me. After being involved in other committees, I decided to further expand my knowledge in the real estate industry. The RECG foundation is the ideal place for this because of its contact with professionals, opportunities for personal development, collaboration in groups, and career orientation.

The above reasons immediately sparked my enthusiasm, and interest, when I started the Master’s program in Real Estate Studies at the University of Groningen after the summer, the program that the RECG is affiliated with. I then immediately decided to sign up to do a board year at the RECG. This year, it is finally possible again to organize activities throughout the whole year for students which are interested in real estate, this, of course, brings nice challenges with it. I have the privilege of forming the eighth board of the RECG with this ambitious group.

Kindest regards,

Luuk Geerligs

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