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Colliers International Blog | Real estate and the coronacrisis

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Colliers International has recently published many publications about real estate in relation to the corona virus. In this blog, the company shares the latest insights into the impact of the corona measures on office capacity.

What does ‘social distance’ do with the capacity at the office?

The Netherlands is preparing for the one-and-a-half meter economy. The distance rules have a significant impact on the number of available workplaces in the office. For an average working environment, six out of ten desks become temporarily unusable. To provide clear insight into the influence of the measures on office capacity, Colliers International has developed the one-half meter calculator. “The percentage of workplaces that cannot be used for the time being differs per situation,” said Harold Coenders, head of workplace innovation. “It depends on the layout of the office and the number of workplaces shared by colleagues.” The online calculator asks for a number of simple data such as the office size, the number of workplaces and the layout of the office. With these figures, this tool calculates the number of usable workplaces and the number of employees who can safely work simultaneously at the 1.5 meter office. For example, an office of 1,000 square meters with 40 workplaces in the open-plan office and 40 places in closed rooms, only has 28 workplaces left. That is a decrease of 65%. By appropriately adjusting the work environment, the loss can be reduced to four. The capacity can be increased by reorganizing the offices with blocks of four workplaces in particular. This arrangement is most favorable to guarantee the distance of one and a half meters. “Adjustments are possible for which you don’t have to turn the office upside down. You can remove chairs or tape desks. Hanging plastic screens is also an option, as can be seen in supermarkets now, ”says Coenders. The calculator helps companies to gain insight into the capacity that remains and what adjustments are needed to allow as many people as possible to work in the office. Read the full blog with all the information about the calculator here.

Adjustments at the office

Keeping your distance from your colleagues means that the number of usable office spaces in the Netherlands will decrease significantly in the near future. By making protocols now, companies and institutions can prepare for reopening. It is not just about the reorganization of the office, but precisely about the planning. It is therefore necessary to draw up a schedule in which each team can work together in the office for at least one day. For example, a limited part of the organization gets access to the office every day to strengthen collaboration and maintain human relationships. Partial return to the office is not only good for the economy, but also for our mental health. After weeks at home, it is important to get out of that cocoon at least one day a week. With the 1.5 meter office as an indispensable intermediate step, we can keep the curve flat and gradually restart society. Read all recommendations about expanding office capacity here. More information about the consequences of the coronavirus Do you want to stay informed of more information about the corona virus? Colliers International has set up a website with constantly updated information about all sectors within the real estate. View this website here. Colliers International is also working on the housing market barometer. This is updated monthly. At the moment, house prices continue to rise, despite the corona crisis. Follow this barometer to stay informed about developments in the housing market.


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