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Fakton blog | The corona-stresstest

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The Corona virus has gripped the Netherlands. This is not least because of the consequences that the precautionary measures have on the economy. It seems a given that the effects of the virus also affect the real estate sector. Construction is experiencing problems with the supply of raw materials and the realization of projects, investors in commercial real estate are facing loss of rent and for the housing market economists are also sketching scenarios with a temporary or longer decline in transactions. Real estate developers are now wondering how the Corona crisis is affecting their real estate projects. Will financial feasibility come under pressure? What measures can be taken to limit the risks? In the Corona Stress Test, Fakton outlines their vision of the effects of the Corona crisis on the real estate market. In addition, Fakton offers an approach to map out the financial effects and manage real estate projects. Read all about Fakton’s Corona Stress Test here:  


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