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Case Veenhuizen: Selling a village – How do you do that?

The village of Veenhuizen once originated as a “Colony of Benevolence” and was later used by the Ministry of Justice. It was therefore isolated from its surroundings for a long time. In the meantime, the Ministry of Justice has made a lot of real estate surplus, which has resulted in the task of selling most of the area. The sales statement consists of buildings (the ensemble), infrastructure, forest & heathland and agricultural land.

In this case you will work on the assignment in 2 parts. In part 1 you look at the area from a developer’s perspective: What is a beautiful and future-proof interpretation of the area that does justice to its past? In part 2 you think from the position of the Central Government Real Estate Agency: What is the best strategy to market this area? During this workshop, learn more about the activities of the Central Government Real Estate Agency in relation to its special real estate portfolio!

We are AT Osborne: consultants and managers with a heart for innovation. We deal with complex spatial issues. We like to dig our teeth into seemingly unsolvable puzzles, we straighten out faltering projects and shine our light on legal bottlenecks. We do this for (academic) hospitals, educational institutions, Rijkswaterstaat and Schiphol, among others.

During the Young Talent Event, we zoom in on our “Housing & Real Estate” branch in the Healthcare sector. Within the healthcare sector, we have decades of experience in project and program management (construction, furnishing and relocation), writing programs of requirements, drawing up housing concepts, developing real estate strategies and calculating feasibility and affordability (finance) of real estate plans. We do this for many (academic) hospitals and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands.

For the Young Talent Event, we are organizing a case about drawing up a strategic real estate plan (SVP) for the hospital of the future. An SVP links the objectives and ambitions of the organization to the (future) real estate needs at the institutional level. In order to be able to meet that real estate need, housing and real estate plans are developed and calculated in order to determine the financial hairability of these plans. Together we will work to determine which topics and steps should be included in a real estate plan for the hospital of the future. The result is an approach for drawing up an SVP and which principles are leading in this.

On September 18, we will take you in our workshop into the daily work that our real estate discipline encounters. We let you think about which elements are important in our stores and how we can be future-proof with our stores. Where we are naturally curious about your creative ideas and insights.

Colliers is a listed international real estate advisor. Our 17,000 entrepreneurial experts work together in 68 countries to provide forward-looking advice and maximize real estate value for real estate owners, real estate investors and real estate tenants.

Case topic: Strategic housing

The real estate market can be seen from both the owner and the user side. We are currently living in a period where the real estate market is increasingly becoming a user market. During our case, we want to look at this side of the market together with you. Users in all sectors have preferences for their housing. But what is it like to act as a strategic advisor for a user of real estate? Housing largely determines the identity of a company. It makes a demonstrable contribution to the organizational goals. During the case, we will find out how these strategic issues are solved by us by addressing different departments within Colliers.

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